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I Was A Teen Ghoul - by KateWarpeha and Lisa Noble

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Susan's mother is behaving very distant since her husband died. Susan and her best friend Terry see her as a Frankenstein Monster, wandering aimlessly, isolated in her pain and grief. In their quest to rescue Susan's mum, they uncover family secrets which tip the balance between reality and fantasy, and 'Susanstein' is created, a rampaging monster intent on destruction, but who finds forgiveness and compassion in unlikely people in her neighbourhood.

I Was A Teen Ghoul is beautifully written and illustrated, and is perfect for teens or parents struggling with grief, depression, inner-city stresses, family secrets and searching for belonging in an increasingly confusing world.

212 pages, black and white with colour cover, illustrated throughout.
Dimensions 153 x 230mm with 12mm spine.

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